About Us

Whitman County Food Coalition

Mission Statement

Working together to provide access to food for everyone in Whitman County.

Who We Are:

We are a coalition of organizations, groups, and individuals who are passionate about addressing food insecurity in our region. We span the county ranging from growers, food pantry managers, volunteers, nutritionists, and concerned citizens. We formed in 2016 and have met monthly since then learning about each other, the needs, and emerging solutions 

that are most promising to alleviating chronic hunger. We share our stories including barriers and successes so that we can support each other the best we can! We connect the local problems of Whitman County to the larger picture through our subcommittees. We are committed to doing this together and we need you…

How You Can Help:

The Pantry system is always in need of Donations and Volunteers. You can donate below and find out volunteer opportunities available from our partner organizations.  


Grant Opportunities & Wishlist